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This form is for the use of professionals, other organisations and relevant services who wish to make a referral to MEET in Oxford.

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I believe that the client meets the following criteria for this service:

  • Is resident in Oxfordshire.
  • Is looking for therapy because their life is seriously affected now by difficult experiences in the past.
  • Is stable enough to be able to benefit from therapeutic intervention and is able to keep appointments with reasonable regularity.
  • Has ongoing support available (if needed) for such issues as benefit claims, housing, court cases or immigration status.
  • Is in control of alcohol or drug use so that there is no significant risk of attendance under their influence.
  • Is not actively suicidal.
  • Is unable to pay the usual fees for private therapy or access appropriate trauma therapy through the NHS or insurance.
  • Could safely meet with a female counsellor in a private room.

I confirm that the information above is correct to the best of my knowledge.

I confirm that the client is aware of this referral and that I have permission from them to refer for trauma focused therapy from MEET in Oxford.

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