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Making a referral to MEET in Oxford

We are sorry to say that, due to demand for this service, we have closed the MEET in Oxford waiting list for the time being and are therefore unable to accept new referrals.
When we reopen for referrals, we will post a notice here.


When the waiting list reopens, MEET in Oxford will again accept referrals from individuals seeking trauma-focussed therapy. There will be a link on this page to our self-referral form.

Referral by professionals

When the waiting list reopens, we will again be accepting referrals by suitable professionals or organisations. There will be a link on this page to our referral form.

Our criteria

To be eligible for therapy with MEET in Oxford you need to be:
• looking for therapy because your life is seriously affected now by difficult experiences in the past
• living in Oxfordshire
• unable to pay the fees for private therapy or access appropriate trauma therapy through NHS or insurance
• stable enough to be able to benefit from therapeutic intervention (trauma therapy is hard work and you should be settled enough in your present circumstances to feel ready to look back at the past and to attend appointments regularly)
• not dealing at the same time with ongoing issues around things like benefits, housing, court cases or immigration
• sufficiently in control of alcohol or drug use so that there is no significant risk of attendance under their influence
• not actively suicidal

What happens when we receive a referral?

• We will contact you to acknowledge receipt of the form.
• We will offer an assessment appointment at the earliest opportunity. Assessments give both you and MEET in Oxford an opportunity to decide if the kind of therapy we offer is likely to help you, in which case you will go on our waiting list for regular therapy.
• Please note that most of our sessions, including assessments, are online. If you think you need face to face appointments, you will have a chance to discuss this at your assessment appointment. Please note that all in-person appointments are in central Oxford on a Monday.
• Before the assessment, we will send you some brief information about the two approaches we use in working with trauma. You will have the opportunity, if you wish, to state a preference for either EMDR or Energy Psychotherapy.
• Once you are on the waiting list, it may be a few months before we can offer regular therapy appointments.
• We anticipate working with clients for up to four sessions before review. If both therapist and client decide to continue with therapy after this four-week review, we will hold a further review at the 10th session to see how many more sessions are needed to reach a good outcome. The maximum number that we can offer is 16 sessions in total.

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