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Self Help Tools

We know that there are many people who live with the distressing effects of trauma and cannot access appropriate support. The resources on this page, while not a substitute for one-to-one therapy, will introduce you to a range of techniques drawn from energy therapies, EMDR and mindfulness. These are known to calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety and lower stress levels. We hope you find them helpful.

ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) offers Resources for Resilience on its website, including videos and downloadable instructions to help reduce stress and restore calm.

Capacitar have produced an emergency response tool kit with exercises to be used when we feel overwhelmed, drained, scattered or depressed. They include simple Breath work, Tai Chi exercises, finger holds to manage emotions and other simple de-stressing holds as well as acupressure points for pain and traumatic stress. The toolkit is available in many other languages too.

In this video, Judy Byrne, who is a psychotherapist and EFT Master, explains Emotional Freedom Technique and demonstrates tapping, which may help in releasing and resolving emotional distress.

This is a daily energy routine to help build positive habits and increase resilience.

If you experience flashbacks, these 13 steps provide suggestions for managing them.

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