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Self Help Tools

ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) offers Resources for Resilience on its website, including the Trauma Tapping Technique.

Judy Byrne, who is a psychotherapist and EFT Master, provides a very good introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique which can be helpful with emotional and physical pain. For more information on EFT, we recommend "Heal yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique" by John Freedom which can be purchased on line for under £10

Phil Mollon, who is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, invites you to follow him in this exercise to provide relief from anxiety and depression or in this exercise to help with problems falling asleep or staying asleep

Donna Eden's Energy Medicine Five Minute Daily Energy Routine is demonstrated in this video by Prune Harris. These simple exercises can help to build positive habits into your energy field and increase your resilience. The effects are cumulative over time.

13 steps to Managing Flashbacks by Pete Walker comes from his book "Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving"

Ask and Receive uses five simple statements to help access the healing potential within yourself. You might look upon it as a way of maximising the self healing power that lies behind the "placebo effect". See the attached pdf file for details.

Resources for Self Support. Ask and Receive : five statements

Capacitar Emergency Response Tool Kit

The attached Capacitar exercises are drawn from many traditions and are offered to be used at times when we feel overwhelmed, drained, scattered or depressed. They include simple Breath work, Tai Chi exercises, finger holds to manage emotions and other simple destressing holds as well as acupressure points for pain and traumatic stress.

Resources for Self Support. Capacitar Emergency Tool Kit

Resources for Self Support. Heart Coherence

Heart Coherence . Coherence between the heart and the emotional brain stabilises the autonomic nervous system. The emotional brain controls the physiology of the body : heart rate, blood pressure, appetite, sleep, sexual drive, and even the immune system.
To heal stress, anxiety and depression it is necessary to act on the emotional brain. The exercise on the attached pdf teaches you how to increase coherence.

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