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Referrals to MEET in Oxford

Self Referral

MEET in Oxford accepts referrals from individuals seeking trauma-focussed therapy. Click here to send us a self-referral form.

Referral by professionals

MEET in Oxford accepts referrals by suitable professionals or organisations. Click here to send us a referral form.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone, please email the Administrator or phone her on 07531 195291.

What happens when we receive a referral?

• We will contact you to acknowledge receipt of the form.
• We will offer an assessment appointment at the earliest opportunity and, if we agree that the therapies we offer would be helpful for you, will put you on our waiting list until we can offer you an ongoing therapy slot.
• We aim to offer an assessment appointment within a few weeks of receiving a referral. Assessments take up to an hour and give both you and MEET in Oxford an opportunity to assess if the kind of therapy we offer is likely to help you, in which case you will go on our waiting list for regular therapy. Please note that at the moment we are only offering sessions, including assessments, online.
• Once you are on the waiting list, it may be a few months before we can offer regular therapy appointments.
• We anticipate working with clients for up to six sessions before review. This period provides an extended assessment. If we and the client decide to continue with therapy after this six-week review, we will hold a further review at the 12th session to see how many more sessions are needed to reach a good outcome. The maximum number that we can offer is 26 sessions in total.

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